Small Parts Manufacturing Turning tools produce immaculate surfaces on miniature components

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With its Applitec Top-Line 700 series, tool specialist Schwartz offers special turning tools for small parts manufacturing. Sharply ground at high accuracy in the smallest of dimensions, the 710 sf/740 sf disks feature good precision.

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The newly developed heavyweight metal toolholder absorbs microvibrations
The newly developed heavyweight metal toolholder absorbs microvibrations
(Bild. Schwartz Tools)

Using these cutters in conjunction with the 700-series toolholder system from Schwartz, medical technology manufacturers can economically produce even complex miniature parts that have immaculate surfaces.

The trend toward miniaturisation in industrial production constantly advances. Complicated parts have to be manufactured with very high precision and extremely narrow tolerances. Their most delicate geometries require, for example, blades that are only 0.1 mm wide and completely clear ground at a 5° lateral clearance angle.

Fulfilling these requirements, the Top-Line 700 series includes a large selection of blades for cutting parts to specified shape geometries and dimensions. The series also comprises tools for small-parts processing; a comprehensive portfolio of standardised geometries for long turning includes left-hand cutters for automatic cam lathes and right-hand tools for CNC machines. These cover driven turning, finishing and roughing, as well as reverse grooving and turning for the dragging cut. The sharp disks deliver process reliability, repeatable accuracy and excellent surface qualities.

Microvibrations are absorbed

The tried and tested basic holder system for the Top-Line 700 tools ensures system stability and rigidity. This is because, owing to a patented wedge gearing, the disk is form-fitted to the holder and positioned in it very stably. Microvibrations that could destroy the edge are absorbed effectively by this newly developed heavyweight metal holder.

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