Design Trends The “Apple look” conquers medical technology

Autor / Redakteur: Kathrin Schäfer / Jürgen Schreier

The design of many medical devices is more and more resembling that of consumer goods. A survey conducted by the design agency Corpus-C confirms that the so-called “Apple look” is the benchmark for all designed objects.

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Corpus-C has presented its medical design trend analysis for 2012. The conclusion arrived at by agency CEOs Alexander Müller and Sebastian Maier provides no real surprises. Consumer goods design, they say, is becoming increasingly influential, two-colour devices—in black and white—are on the rise, and Apple is the big example.

Also notable is the way that precise geometric shapes exist alongside organically shaped, and thus “friendly-looking”, devices. Also, Asian manufacturers have caught up considerably in terms of design, and “ambient styling” equipment elements are being seen more and more often in the homecare and other domains.

Benchmarks set by cell phone, PC, etc.

A top trend that was observable in 2011 is continuing in 2012: More and more often, design, colour and material selection in medical devices is taking its cue from the design of technological consumer goods such as cell phones, computers and TV sets, following the basic principle that what’s a hit there can’t go wrong in medical technology either. For Müller and Maier, this is a trend that has limits.

“Of course, influences can and should be absorbed,” they argue, “but, when designing medical devices, you should never forget your roots. Devices need to stay recognisable as medical devices and must not lose their credibility.” This is because, once emergency devices such as defibrillators, for example, stop being immediately recognisable as such, situations can turn dangerous. After all, every second counts when such devices are called into use.

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