Additive Manufacturing Rapid.Tech 2012 updates attendees on research and practice in additive manufacturing

Redakteur: Kathrin Schäfer

The conference trade show Rapid.Tech, which returns to Erfurt, Germany, on 8 and 9 May, 2012, includes two expert forums on medical and dental technology where experts and novices alike can explore trends, findings and applications in additive manufacturing (AM) technology.

Firma zum Thema

Presentations at the expert medical technology forum will examine the current status of research and practice in implants
Presentations at the expert medical technology forum will examine the current status of research and practice in implants
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The crossover technology of additive manufacturing is still unknown territory for many people. In order to give beginners an introduction and bring their knowledge up to speed with that of the “insiders”, an overview event will take place at Messe Erfurt the day before Rapid.Tech begins. In two two- hour sessions, the fundamentals of AM methodology will be presented vividly with the aid of models and components. The basic knowledge conveyed should enable participants to determine what is innovative when they attend the presentations and visit the specialist trade show.

Medical devices

Presentations at the expert medical technology forum will reflect the current status of research and practice in that field with respect to AM. The principal subject will be forming the internal and external structures of implants—dealing with 3D layered images, reconstruction methods, biomaterials, and material processing. Another important area of focus will be approvals for additively manufactured medical devices. The presentations on this theme will cover regulatory requirements additively manufactured devices need to meet and will explain what must be paid attention to during the approval process.

CAD/CAM in dental technology

“Milling was yesterday. Rapid manufacturing is the technology of the hour!” says Antonius Köster, chairman of the Rapid.Tech expert forum “CAD/CAM and Rapid Prototyping in Dental Technology.” The spread of additive methods in dental technology is leading to new business models and value chains. The expert forum on dental technology at Rapid.Tech, the fourth in the series, is aimed at professionals wishing to deepen their knowledge about the advantages and potential of additive techniques. Using additive methods requires understanding the technologies and the interplay between materials, machines and post-processing.

The presentations in this forum will ask such questions as what processes and machines are suitable for companies varying in size from small laboratories to industrial operations; what the materials can model, what degree of precision is possible, and what additional “intelligence” can be introduced into the models. Because AM processes are still more expensive than conventional plaster modelling, higher-level strategic advantages must be taken into consideration when deciding whether to use the technology. These include lower tool wear and tear, higher aesthetic quality and, for patients, shorter treatment times in the dentist’s chair. Digitalisation in dental technology makes possible a wider and more various spectrum of applications, from the intraoral scan to digital printing.

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