Buyer’s Guide 2012 Update: Drives Technology High-performance DC servomotors with neodymium magnets

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Brush-commutated Pittman DC Series 8540 motors with bonded neodymium magnets are suitable for high-tech applications such as are found in medical and laboratory technology. This product line is designed to fulfill OEM applications requiring high performance in small components.

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Bonded neodymium magnets enhance the surface power density in brush-commutated Pittman DC Series 8540 motors.
Bonded neodymium magnets enhance the surface power density in brush-commutated Pittman DC Series 8540 motors.
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This motor series represents a significant improvement over similarly sized Pittman motors from older product lines. The salient characteristic of the new design is its far greater surface power density, which derives from the use of bonded neodymium magnets. The continuous torque of the 8540 series is approximately double that of earlier models. The motor diameter is 30 mm, and the three available lengths are 54, 64 and 78 mm. Depending on the model, users can attain levels of continuous torque ranging from 0.018 to 0.059 Nm without an external heat sink.

Preloaded ball bearings for high rotational speeds

Pittman DC Series 8540 motors come with eight standard coils ranging from 9.55 V to 48 V. Depending on customer specifications, the coils can be adapted to specific application requirements for increased performance.

Preloaded ball bearings, standard equipment in these motors, make possible high rotational speed, radial and axial shaft loading, and tolerance of higher temperatures. A new engine mounting system, an anchor with seven grooves, and improved production techniques all ensure better balance, which results in less vibration and disruptive noise. At low rotational speeds, the motors experience only very little cogging thanks to the optimized magnetic circuit. The low levels of vibration and cogging make this series ideal for position regulation in servo applications.

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