Buyer’s Guide 2012 Update: IV Components Haemostasis-valve y-connector for use with multiple guidewires features one-handed action

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A one-handed haemostasis-valve y-connector supplied by Qosina allows independent manipulation of multiple guidewires. The true one-hand-control lever action facilitates lock and release via light fingertip pressure in three different positions: open, semi-open, and closed.

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The haemostasis-valve connector allows multiple guidewires to be manipulated independently.
The haemostasis-valve connector allows multiple guidewires to be manipulated independently.
(Bild: Qosina)

The silicone valve, Qosina catalogue part number 80448, fits 0- to 9-Fr (0- to 3-mm) guidewires and aids in controlling backflow. Its rotating male luer lock minimises tubing kinks, while the female luer-lock side port provides the ability to flush out the line or check pressure. The housing is made from polycarbonate and polyoxymethylene for high clarity and good temperature resistance.

A solid click sound clearly identifies the valve position through both acoustic and tactile feedback, making operation easy and efficient.

Qosina’s wire-lock adapters 80449 and 80450 work in conjunction with this haemostasis valve in applications involving multiple guidewires. These devices feature an integrated lock-and-release function that allows independent wire manipulation through the use of one or more adapters. The user simply clips the adapter on the haemostasis valve and locks the wire into the adapter, where it is held in position while other wires are inserted or used.

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