Microtechnology Compamed Spring Forum highlights pioneering trends

Redakteur: Kathrin Schäfer

Approximately 70 people attended the sixth Compamend Spring Forum in Stuttgart, where topics of discussion included the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in medical technology; telemedicine; imaging methods; patient-side laboratory diagnostics; and intelligent prostheses and implants.

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Knapp 70 Teilnehmer haben am 3. Mai den Weg zum 6. Compamed Frühjahrsforum …
Knapp 70 Teilnehmer haben am 3. Mai den Weg zum 6. Compamed Frühjahrsforum …
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At the invitation of Messe Düsseldorf and Ivam, the specialist microtechnology association, participants in the Compamed Spring Forum, half a year ahead of the Compamed trade show, had the opportunity to become informed about current activities in industry and science.

Quo vadis, medical technology?

They learned that, in the field of ICT solutions for healthcare, the focus lies in information gathering, consolidation and processing in order to ensure faster analyses, diagnoses and treatment in the future.

Matthias Keith of Siemens Enterprise Communications Manufacturing explained how the use of ICT solutions in the healthcare business is intensifying. Dr. Ralf von Baer of Robert Bosch Healthcare described the ways in which telemedicine will move into all areas of life and explained that we are on the way to the permanent “telehealth” approach. Innovative solutions are enabling the networked monitoring of at-risk patients in the private sphere, and thereby make possible enhanced patient quality of life and increased mobility. Only well-engineered networking, rapid diagnostics and prompt treatment will lead to the desired success, said Dr. J.W. Hans Hofstraat of Philips Research in his presentation.

Ambulant analytics

Without ambulant analytics for rapid diagnosis at the point of care, healthcare providers lose valuable time for creating an individualised treatment solution. So-called “rapid testers” were the focus of the presentation by Dr. Georg Bauer of Sony DADC Austria and Dr. Lars von Olleschik of DST GmbH. Faster and more sensitive analytics saves time, for the patient’s wellbeing: this is the objective, according to Dr. Klaus Stefan Drese from the Institute for Microtechnology in Mainz.

Intelligent implants

During the third Compamed Spring Forum session, “Intelligent Implants and Prostheses”, participants were shown impressive new development in this area by Dr. Thomas Velten and Lars Hovy of Fraunhofer IBMT and IPA, respectively. The range of solutions extended from data transfer in active implants to intelligent knee prostheses. Sven Spieth of HSG-IMIT talked about an innovation in the field of dental prostheses involving medication dosing to treat Parkinson’s patients. In conclusion, Dan Negrea of AEMtec highlighted the efforts that go into developing a Class III medical device from concept development to serial manufacture of the finished device.

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