Trelleborg Silcotech 10 million Swiss francs for clean-room manufacturing

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Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Silcotech AG in Stein am Rhein, Switzerland, said it intends to invest 10 million Swiss francs (€8.3 million) in plant for the production of life science devices. The investment will triple the company’s clean-room manufacturing capacity.

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The company was formed when liquid-silicone-processing specialist Trelleborg Sealing Solutions took over Silcotech last year. It characterised the investment as its reaction to both an increasing demand for its existing devices and the growing need for new medical and pharmaceuticals devices.

Opening up global markets

“With the expanded manufacturing capacities, we are fulfilling the conditions for multiplied contracts that are going to be awarded to us through the global sales activities of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions,” emphasised Matthias Jakob, CEO of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Silcotech AG. Jakob sees Silcotech as part of Trelleborg as being in a considerably stronger position for opening up global markets: “After all, Trelleborg is itself an early pioneer in the processing of silicone and will be able to win customers and contracts for our manufacturing location worldwide.”

However, the capacity expansion is immediately necessary because one major German pharmaceutical company has an asthma drug–delivery system that is conquering new markets. “Only recently we accelerated the production of four silicone sealing solutions to seven-day production for this purpose,” said Jakob.

Clean rooms meet ISO 13485

The 10-million-Swiss-franc investment will not only triple Silcotech’s clean-room manufacturing capacity; it will increase overall production capacity at the Stein am Rhein site by more than 30%. A new three-storey complex is being built between the two existing buildings. It will accommodate one clean room of category ISO 7 and another of category ISO 8 in accordance with the medical product manufacturing standard ISO 13485.

The construction is due to be completed in 2013, said Silcotech. The new rooms will be equipped with ultra-modern machines on which close-tolerance liquid-silicone components will be produced via automated processes.

“With the expansion of injection moulding in the clean room conducted in accordance with ultra-modern criteria, processes are becoming even more efficient, and devices are available to our customers even faster,” said Jakob. Silcotech also designs tools and processes for the manufacture of parts in sample quantities through serial production of custom devices.

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