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Using Force Sensors in Medical Devices

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Using Force Sensors in Medical Devices

Are you utilizing the potential of piezo-resistive force sensors in your medical devices? Learn more about adding functionality to a device, about reliability, and economy.

Force sensors are hidden champions in medical devices as they play a key role in many applications, most notably infusion pumps. Despite this, the number of players in the force sensor field is limited. TE Connectivity (TE) is a leading expert with proprietary piezo-resistive force sensor technology that helps to achieve technological and economic targets.

TE sensors have been proven in medical devices of various types, ranging from the most demanding applications, requiring FDA-approval, to extremely cost-sensitive disposables with integrated sensors.

This white paper provides a brief introduction to TE force sensor technology, exemplary application areas and resulting customer value.

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Publiziert: 30.01.16 | TE Connectivity

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